Friday, September 3, 2010

When Life Gives You Apples...

...make an Apple Tart.

My dear friend Linda handed me a 13 gallon bag filled with these little guys. She called them Pippins, tart green apples much like a Granny Smith. Linda and her husband had picked them a bit early due to the fact that the birdies were starting to get their little beaks on them!

I like to make something to snack on after the public cuppings I have at the roaster on Fridays, and I thought, "Well, now I have some apples, what to do..." I went to my old stand-by "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" good old Julia her! I found a tart recipe that I felt I could pull off with what I had on hand. I made a few alterations: recipe called for apricot preserves and I had apple jelly, vanilla extract was used rather than Calvados (apple brandy), and Alton Brown has sold me on Grains of Paradise rather than cinnamon in apple related baked goods.

Let's just didn't sit around long and there is nothing left. I do believe my mother really wants me to make another one!

Tiny Kitchen Gets an Upgrade...

'nuf said...I do believe!