Thursday, January 7, 2010

Got Chicken? Make Enchiladas!

So I had the roasted chicken and it was cold outside. I either crave soup or Mexican when its cold. I decided to go Mexican...a little margarita and a little chicken enchilada sounded perfect!

A couple of years ago I had managed to throw together some chicken enchiladas with what I had on hand, so I decided to try to replicate that recipe. The spouse can attest to the fact that this
was a triumph!

These enchiladas use goat cheese and they are pretty simple to make. I chopped up 3 cups of the roasted chicken and added that to some onions sautéing in olive oil. I added a can of mild chopped green chilies and 1/3 of a can of tomato salsa.

When this was warmed through I added 4oz of goat cheese and
incorporated. I set this aside as I heated oil to lightly fry my corn tortillas. Just heating them up to soften them, I would go one at a time, flipping them over for a second or two and then tossing them onto a paper towel. A spoonful of the chicken mixture, roll it up and put it in the pan. When the pan was full I topped the enchiladas with the remaining tomato
salsa and grated cheese. 350°F toaster oven for 10 minutes, topped with guacamole, sourcream and green onions. Yum!

Best part is that you can make then as mild or as hot as you want,
depending on the heat of the chilies and salsa. I really like the bright flavor you get from the goat's cheese!