Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Kitchen

Pictures of where I'm cookin'

We took over the cottage from my Grandfather, who had been living there for 20 years. The space that contains the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room was originally a small barn and was built in the 1020's. We know it housed chickens at one time...perhaps even a goat or two? The barn was added onto in the 1970's and turned into a kind of summer kitchen for making jams, jellies, fruit butters and apple cider. (The property was mostly apple orchard at one time.) My husband and I moved in about a year and a half ago and gutted everything but the bathroom and laundry. The intention was to finish the kitchen, but as will happen with these kinds of projects, we ran out of funds. So we installed a sink, mini fridge, two-burner hotplate and toaster oven. Later we added a second mini fridge and a microwave. (I won't go into why there is a second fridge, there just is, okay?!?) I have whined about the kitchen off and on over the last 16 months, I have drawn plans, scoped out small appliances...the thing is finished in my head!! Yet in the last couple of weeks I began to think differently...what if I took it on as a challenge? This kitchen is capable of great, gourmet things...I know...I've done a little of it. So here we go...what can I throw at this kitchen? What can I do within the confines? (By the way, A LOT of my kitchen wares are still in storage! My mixer, food processor, dishes and gadgets galore.)


  1. Love the picture of Henri! How's he doing? (Coincidentally, a coworker of mine brought his full-size bulldog to work on Monday because he wasn't feeling well. What an *adorable* dog.)

  2. Susan, I feel all sorts of excitement as I ride along with you on this adventure! It's hard to think of *you*, the gourmet, working with such a small space (and limited mechanical resources due to space issues) - but I LOVE the sentiment of viewing it as a challenge rather than a limitation. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Anne - Henri is much better. He spent Friday with me at the roaster. He slept most of the time and still acted out of sorts. Then when I was packing up my stuff to go home the little rascal started hopping around like he had never been sick. Silly dog! He has been licking his food bowl clean ever since!